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When It Comes To ADA Paving, Don’t Be Reactive-Be Proactive

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When It Comes To ADA Paving, Don’t Be Reactive-Be Proactive

Thirty-two years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. The law has expanded over time to ensure access to the general public. Is your property up to date with the current regulations and guidelines?

Are Your Paved Assets ADA-compliant?

Minimizing liabilities and providing safe access are priorities for property owners and managers. To achieve and maintain ADA compliance, you must satisfy federal and state regulations and guidelines for your paved assets. Access requires that surfaces be installed properly and maintained regularly to ensure that deficiencies are resolved on an ongoing basis.

“We keep getting more questions from property managers about ADA compliance because the standards change and properties are out of date. It’s going to take a while for everyone to get caught up.” - Jason Blackwood, Business Development, RAM Pavement

Maintaining Compliance

Your property’s paved surfaces, markings and signage must meet ADA standards for accessible design. Parking lots and building access points need to be clearly marked, correctly finished and free of defects to ensure safe access. You want to take care of issues before they can become a threat to safety and ADA compliance. RAM Pavement can help you maintain compliance and prevent litigation. 

  • Parking Spaces
  • Walkways
  • ADA Ramps and Railings
  • Curbing
  • Truncated Domes
  • Signage
  • Pavement Markings

“When it comes to ADA Paving, don’t be reactive−be proactive. You don’t want to get hit with a compliance lawsuit. You may recall the example of a big-box chain that is out of business now. ADA was a big component of that.” - Rob Miller, President, RAM Pavement

July 26 is ADA Compliance Awareness Day. Disability awareness and access have certainly expanded over the past 32 years, impacting commercial, industrial, educational and municipal properties. You can rely on RAM Pavement to partner with you to achieve and maintain compliance. Contact us to schedule a site visit and consultation.

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