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Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are crucial asset-protection features of any parking lot. As they keep vehicles within the boundaries of a parking space, these barriers prevent damage to your property and other cars. Professional installation and maintenance are essential to protect your paved assets and reduce your risk of liability. 

The installation of wheel stops varies with the materials that comprise them. No matter what they are made of, professional installation and maintenance are essential for the preservation of your parking lot and the safety of pedestrians.

With repeated impacts from the wheels of vehicles and snowplows, these barriers can separate from your paved surface, allowing water to penetrate and degrade it. When wheel stops are loose, they can become trip hazards. Proper maintenance is needed to protect your assets and reduce liability risk.

You can count on RAM Pavement to advise you on and provide the best wheel-stop barriers for your commercial, residential or municipal parking lot. We can meet all of your paving needs and we get it right, every time. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate and proposal. Call (704) 622-1300 or use this convenient form on our website.

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