Thermoplastic Markings

For your high-traffic assets?roadways, parking lots, parking decks and airports?Thermoplastic markings provide the greatest durability and visibility.

They enhance safety and reduce your costs over time.

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Thermoplastic Markings 101

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Thermoplastic Markings 101

From crosswalks to loading zones to parking lots, striping and markings surround us everyday and are an important part of any paving job. For business owners and property managers, maintaining their paved assets is not only for the aesthetics, but more importantly for the safety of everyone who uses it. Thermoplastic provides the greatest durability and visibility.

So, what exactly is Thermoplastic and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Thermoplastic is a type of road marking paint that is an environmentally safe compound containing binder, pigments, filler and glass beads that are combined, heated and applied as a liquid. Thermoplastic pavement marking is a process that involves applying thermoplastic to an asphalt or concrete surface. 

Thermoplastic is better than regular traffic paint for a few reasons:

  • Enhanced Safety: The materials in Thermoplastic allow for high visibility that is especially critical at night and during bad weather. 
  • Durable: It is able to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas six times longer than latex-line striping paint or regular traffic paint.
  • Cost-effective: Its durability also lends to it not having to be replaced very often. This is a cost-effective investment for business owners. 
  • Dries Fast: It can be applied on wet surfaces and in cold weather conditions. It dries quickly, so there is no need to shut down revenue-generating traffic on your property or general traffic flow.

With the high demand for this service in the Charlotte area, we saw the need to meet it successfully since subcontracting the job often proved to be timely. Since 2019, our Thermoplastic Road Marking division has successfully completed thermoplastic marking jobs for the city of Charlotte and numerous municipal and commercial projects across the Carolinas.

Thermoplastic is the perfect choice for your striping and marking if you are looking to enhance your investment and safety for your customers, pedestrians and motorists. We are the paving company that can meet your paving needs. With our experience and equipment, we can get your projects done right, on time and on budget. When you are ready to get started on your next paving project, be sure to contact the Carolina’s #1 choice for Thermoplastic markings and striping!

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