There Is Still A Future To Plan For!

The novel Coronavirus has undoubtedly brought many sectors of America’s economy to a government mandated halt and the order for non-essential workers and citizens to stay at home. However, for some industries, the work is still going on albeit at a slower pace and maybe lesser volume. Construction and infrastructure work, which includes paving, have been deemed essential in all but two states and there has been a lot of footage in the media that shows roads being repaved, heavy equipment operating on highways and bridges being repaired. Since traffic volumes are low, some states are allowing work scheduled for nighttime to be done during the day. This results in projects being completed much faster.

Even though state departments of transportation are moving forward with infrastructure improvements, there are some industries that might not be taking advantage of this time to get much needed work done. This is understandable with everything that is going on. In our personal experience over the last few weeks, the industrial sector and larger organizations are still going full speed with their paving projects and if that tells us anything, it’s that they know there is still a future to plan and be prepared for. Other sectors such  as retail, restaurants and other facilities are a bit more hesitant to get any work done.

Getting your paving work out of the way now might seem like a risk or even unnecessary, but there is still a future to plan for! HOA amenity center, retail and shopping center groups should all take advantage of this time to set themselves up for greatness.

We understand the need to take precautions and plan smartly for your future. This is just a reminder that there is still a future to plan for and RAM Pavement is here to offer our support and flexibility to businesses in our community. Reach out and let us know how we can help you during this time.

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