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Taking A Look At 2022 In The Rearview Mirror

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Taking A Look At 2022 In The Rearview Mirror

To get the end-of-year recap at RAM Pavement, we went straight to the top, interviewing our president, Rob Miller. Read his view of the year’s highlights.   

Q: Rob, what are you thankful for this year?

I am thankful for my executive team at RAM. They have been really supportive of my goals and our company this year. They have a ‘future & growth’-based mindset, which helps us to accomplish all of our quarterly goals and yearly goals.

The RAM men and women on the ground have done a tremendous job this year executing their tasks with The Last 5%™ on their minds. We were so passionate about The Last 5% that we got it trademarked this year! In 2022 we had virtually ZERO rework and nearly 25+ 5-star reviews added to our reputation.  

I am also thankful for my family at home, who consistently supports me, makes me laugh and encourages me to do better every day at RAM and in the community.

Q: Community Outreach is an important focus for the RAM Pavement team. What were some of the high points in 2022? 

We were able to help Purple Heart Homes by donating and installing sidewalks and parking areas for a new housing site in Statesville, NC. It was an honor to help disabled veterans gain ADA access for independent living.

We also sponsored 5k races for two cancer-related nonprofits. One was Run Jen Run, which supports women going through cancer treatment by helping to pay their bills. The other was Isabella Santos Foundation, an organization that raises funds to help find cures for pediatric cancers.  

We were proud to be the presenting sponsor of the successful 20th Annual WFNZ Street Turkeys food drive. Our whole team got involved to gather food and monetary donations to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina and Loaves, Fishes Food Pantry. 

Q: Are there some people you'd like to acknowledge for the company’s success in 2022?

I would like to thank my entire leadership team: Dawn Oldenbuttel, Tom Polito and Russ Blanton. I am also very thankful for all of their team members who make this engine run: Steve Little, Brent Flewelling, Auri Castro, Cabrella Perkins, Angie Lee, Peter Williams, Andrew Strong, Eric Murray and everyone in the field!  

Our clients are amazing partners, year after year.  I am thankful that they have put their trust in RAM Pavement.  We are so much more than a paving company or concrete company- we are a community of people working in the community to make Charlotte a better place.

Q: Can you share a preview of your company vision for 2023?  

We envision that 2023 is going to be a good year for RAM and our team.  I see us growing by 20%, both in gross revenues and with our team members.  I am hoping to acquire another property for RAM to grow into, and we are even excited about possibly building a yoga studio/workout studio/training center! More to come…

Q: Are there any final thoughts you'd like to share?  

I tell everyone that we cannot do anything on our own. We are part of something bigger than ourselves - and we are a TEAM.  Always believe in yourself, be good to people and your community. We know that 2022 was good for RAM because of these beliefs and our people…nothing can stop us!

Thank you, Rob. The company you founded has touched many lives this year. We appreciate your vision and leadership and the values that make RAM Pavement a very special place to work.   

We want to wish everyone in the RAM Pavement community Happy Holidays!  If we can help you with your paving plans in the New Year, please contact us. We’re here to help.   

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