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Spring Is The Time For Asphalt Repairs

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Spring Is The Time For Asphalt Repairs

Winter takes a toll on asphalt. Now that it’s passed, it’s time to assess any pavement failures and develop an action plan for repairs. 

All asphalt develops cracks over time. 
Winter weather accelerates deterioration. As the ground freezes and thaws, it expands and contracts, making existing cracks larger and causing pavement failures. Water, salt and grit can seep in and damage your pavement and subbase.

We can help you protect your paved assets.
We can help you identify any damage to your asphalt that requires immediate attention, contain it and prevent further deterioration. Your pavement is a big investment. Paved asset management enhances your property value. 

Our Proven Process
Using RAM Pavement’s 6-step, proven process, you can extend the life of your pavement and save up to 66% on future costs. Our process can take your paved assets from unpredictable to future-proof.

  1. Consult - We will do a site visit with you to assess your paved assets and point out where improvements are needed. We document this entire process with photos and notes, so we are prepared for the job ahead. 

  2. Estimate & Roadmap - Then, we outline what you can expect when servicing your pavement. We outline everything from total cost of ownership over a 10-year span to day-of-service considerations, such as traffic flow around an area being paved.

  3. Approve & Schedule - We understand the importance of saving time and money. Scheduled jobs, unfortunately, are subject to change due to weather or other issues, which is why we have a meeting every Thursday with our crews and clients, briefing them on the following week’s work. This allows us to fill any gaps in our schedule and proceed with the successful execution of our project.

  4. Action - Our team carefully places cones and barriers to protect your patrons from our work environment. Teams work quickly to patch and seal areas in need, and coat and paint finished surfaces. Your project nets you a fresh look and a certificate of completion.

  5. The Last 5% - At RAM, we train all team members to focus on The Last 5%! Cones are picked up. The curb and drains are cleared. The key stakeholders have been communicated with so they can validate that the job is done. Final walk-throughs are completed by our quality assurance team.

  6. Extend with P3 -  It’s in your best interest to extend the life of your paved assets. We have a proprietary cloud-based management portal to keep track of every action taken on your property by our teams. In fact, upon completion of any work our team does for you, we provide a maintenance plan, complete with projected dates and projected costs. Organization and periodic checkups from our EXTEND team ensure that your paved asset is safe and sealed, so you have no unpredicted costs.

Now that the winter weather has cleared, let us help you extend the life of your pavement and protect your return on investmentContact RAM Pavement for a consultation, so we can walk your site with you and develop an action plan.

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