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RAM Results: Effective Communication Training

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RAM Results: Effective Communication Training

We have always placed great emphasis on excellent communication and for the last 5 years, we have partnered with Peter McRae to make communication and leadership training accessible to our team members. Working intimately with leaders and team members in our various departments, Peter provides our team with the tools, exercises and counseling needed to develop communication skills that bring out the best in themselves – and in others.

“Most companies don’t invest the time and money into providing the tools their employees will need to excel in business. Communication plays a very important role in your success. Rob doesn’t just talk the talk, he also walks the walk and participates in the training sessions” – Dawn Oldenbuttle, Controller

Dawn and her team have worked with Peter McRae for 3 years. The experience has made her a “better employee, better peer and overall person to work with”. She has even brought some of the lessons and thought patterns into her personal life!

“We are clear, professional, concise and friendly. Each interaction is an opportunity to create a pleasant experience for our employees and clients.” – Dawn Oldenbuttle

Leaders can meet with our communication coach whenever they feel like it would benefit their team. This can be to simply maintain a positive environment for healthy communication or for help with working through a miscommunication that might’ve occurred. Special effort is placed into understanding the root of the issue so that we can find solutions that can help to prevent the same issue from rearing its head in the future. 

We all come from different backgrounds and have different styles of communicating, certain tones can become misconstrued and cause conflicts and misunderstandings. This type of training caters to our differences, helps us approach matters in a non-confrontational way to create an open line for communication.

For example, our head mechanic, Brent Flewelling shares that in his experience, it’s easy to identify and fix problems with machines. However, solving problems with team members or even in your personal life, requires effective communication to understand, breakdown and resolve misunderstandings. 

“RAM is the first place I’ve worked that has made a program like this available to everyone. It means a lot to me and my team that ownership takes an interest in the way we communicate and operate internally. Everyone has a voice and we want to ensure that they are heard. It’s an open door policy that has resulted in a lot of great ideas that have helped our company grow” – Russ Blanton, Sales Manager

Nick Miller, Senior superintendent, explains that Peter McRae’s analogy of letting people out of jail helps you leave preconceived ideas at the door and enter each new conversation with a fresh attitude. Letting go of mistakes from the past helps you to effectively communicate so you can get the results you’re actually looking for.

We are working every day to create an overall RAM culture that ensures RAM is a great place for people to be. We lead by example to ensure our people, clients and vendors all feel heard.

We care about our team, we care about our clients and we care about our vendors. 

Excellent communication and leadership skills have always been two of the essential tools that have helped in catapulting us to being the Carolinas’ #1 choice for paved asset management!

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