RAM Pavement’s Sales Team Knows How to Increase ROI

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RAM Pavement’s Sales Team Knows How To Increase ROI

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RAM Pavement’s Sales Team Knows How To Increase ROI

imgSince 2004, commercial, educational, municipal and government organizations across the Carolinas have trusted RAM Pavement to preserve and manage their paved assets. As a business owner, you know that success depends on having a great sales team. At RAM Pavement, we take pride in ours. Your first interaction with us happens through our stellar Sales Team. Our reps are well-versed in our 6-step, proven process, and have years of experience working with businesses on asphalt and concrete projects of any scale. Whether you are in need of asphalt milling and paving, concrete maintenance and repair, sealcoating or pavement striping, our team of dedicated sales reps are ready to guide you. 

The first step to ourRead more 6-step, Proven Process is understanding your goals and how your property is used.  After walking the property with you to identify any vulnerabilities or areas that need improvement, we can make informed assessments and recommendations for immediate repairs and planned maintenance. The team then takes pictures and notes so they are prepared for upcoming work, ensuring that your pavement always looks its best.

Communication is key for maximum efficiency and our sales team is very proactive in this regard. We make sure to outline what you can expect when servicing your pavement, from total cost of ownership over a 10-year span, to day-of-service considerations. When equipped with this information, you’re able to make an informed decision about your pavement maintenance needs.

Consider our sales team as your trusted guides on the journey of improving and maintaining your paved assets. They will answer all your questions and keep you updated on every project, making sure that it is always in synch with your goals and specifications. They'll stay in constant communication as things progress, addressing any issues, making sure that no detail is overlooked and guaranteeing the completion of The Last 5%™. With our sales team guiding you, every project is sure to be a success. 

Get your paving job done right the first time with RAM Pavement. Our sales team is led by our knowledgeable Sales Manager, Russ Blanton, and bolstered with the expertise of Peter, Andrew, and Eric - a trio with more than 10 years of invaluable experience. You can look forward to unparalleled service from these highly respected professionals. They will make sure that your goals are met and the ROI is high on your investment.

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