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RAM Pavement Now Does Stone Work Services, Too

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RAM Pavement Now Does Stone Work Services, Too

Since 2004, RAM Pavement has been doing asphalt and concrete work for our clients, extending the lifespan of paved assets. Now, we can provide you with the stone work as well, controlling pricing and efficiency.

What is Stone Work?     

When constructing a parking lot or road, it is crucial to build it the right way. The process involves excavating the necessary area with machinery and then laying a foundation for the pavement.  A strong, long-lasting subbase is made of a combination of crushed shale and granite, shell and dirt. This foundation ensures that the pavement laid on top of it is supported and stable throughout its lifespan. 

How Is Stone Work Done?

The foundation, which is compacted rock, is placed 8 to 10 inches deep. It is compacted with dirt or sand, set and graded. The stone mixture is installed with a paving machine, motor grader or bulldozer. At RAM Pavement, we use a 333 John Deere Bulldozer. Then, once it's compacted, you come back over the top with the asphalt or concrete. 

“The stone work is the foundation for all roads. That's really what the road is. I mean, I always tell people that the asphalt just makes it watertight. But the real road is the stone that's going down before. That's what provides the value and the longevity for a parking lot or road. - Rob Miller, President, RAM Pavement

At RAM Pavement, we're not relying on anyone for surface work, we're doing it ourselves. As the prime contractor, we can control pricing and become more efficient for our clients. 

Our skilled technicians are equipped with the necessary expertise to deliver quality product for our clients.  Contact us for your stone work needs today.

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