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RAM Kids Head Back To School With The Supplies They Need

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RAM Kids Head Back To School With The Supplies They Need

RAM Kids Head Back To School With The Supplies They NeedAt this time of year, RAM Pavement provides backpacks filled with essential supplies for employees’ children as they start the new school year. Our goal is to lighten the financial load for our families and ensure that RAM kids have the basic items to kick start their first few months. This program, now in its fifth year, goes beyond the workplace and makes a meaningful contribution to our employees and their families.

All RAM employees can take advantage of our back-to-school supplies program for their kids. No matter how long they’ve been with RAM Pavement, they’re eligible. It's easy to apply. They simply use the annual sign-up sheet. Employees love this program because:

  • Everyone’s Invited - They can receive a backpack for each child, no matter how many children they have.
  • Saves Money - These supplies add up when you’re purchasing them for multiple kids and blended families. Employees can instead, focus their back-to-school budget on other important things like shoes and clothes. 
  • Saves Time - Employees and their kids don’t have to hassle, running around and shopping for essential supplies.
  • Employees who are returning to school can get supplies, too.

At RAM Pavement, we believe in sharing the success of our company with our hardworking employees. That's why we have a profit-sharing policy in place. Being careful stewards of our funds, we invest them in meaningful programs that directly benefit the RAM Team and their families. This year marks the 5th anniversary of our back-to-school initiative. 

The backpacks are stocked to meet the needs of different age groups. From Kindergarteners to high schoolers, we have carefully curated the contents of each backpack to ensure they have the essentials. For the little ones, we provide cozy headsets and colorful crayons. The older kids will find earbuds, glue sticks, colored pencils, markers and a handy bottle of hand sanitizer in their backpacks. They also come equipped with composition notebooks, folders and a convenient zipper pouch filled with pens and pencils. This year, we have put together 60 of these backpacks! The kids and their parents simply love them.

“No one else in the construction industry is doing this. The president of RAM Pavement, Rob Miller, truly cares for the well-being of our employees and their families. It’s empowering for our Administrative Team to get the supplies and put the backpacks together each year. We know that we’re saving our teammates time and money, and getting the kids off to a great start for the new school year.” - Dawn Oldenbuttel, Controller, RAM Pavement

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