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RAM Gives Back!

With challenging times in the last year, RAM Pavement is making sure that our most valuable resources are taken care of, especially as we enter another school year. More than 33 bags filled with various school supplies were distributed to several of our team members. Management at RAM are advocates of work- life balance and genuinely care about our team. We understand more than ever that it will take a community to raise the next generation and we are proud to once again facilitate our ‘School Supplies Giveaway’ to help our team raise the next set of brilliant minds of the world. 

“Part of our mission statement “Purpose/Cause/Passion: We enrich the lives of our team members and provide exceptional value to our clients, while improving our community” is about taking care of our team members, and it is very well received year after year. We find that if our team members have just a little less stress and worry – that they are in a better state of mind and more productive here at RAM.”- President, Rob Miller

RAM team members were asked to indicate their interest by signing up for the free school supplies. We then ascertained what supplies were needed most. With this being our fourth year, several items, such as protective masks, sanitizing liquid and wipes were added to the bags in addition to the usual items. We were able to source a variety of the school supplies from Walmart and Target. From crayons for kindergarteners to head phones, composition books and pens for older students, every school-aged child was catered for. 

Controller at RAM- Dawn Oldenbuttel, along with Emily Bailes and Cabrella Perkins aided in the shopping, packing and distribution of the supplies to employees. 

“RAM’s philosophy and the way we want our employees to feel is that we want them to know that this is not a place where you clock in and clock out. We care about our employees when they are here or when they’re home.” – Dawn

As the new school year starts, we are grateful to have played a part in the often hectic process of getting ready for school. We hope that our School Supplies Giveaway eased some of that stress and as a company, we look forward to doing more. We want to thank each of our staff for doing an amazing job because without them we’re not successful. This is just one way to give back to our employees to say thank you, we appreciate you!

Here are some great shots from the past few days. Enjoy!



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