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Project Description

Subdivision & HOA

Subdivisions roads are often turned over to the city (or towns) after they are fully developed. RAM Pavement is a one-stop contractor that can handle all the pavement and concrete needs.
RAM is able to remediate the roads to the town or city standards via mill and pave, overlay and crack sealing. We are also able to repair any sidewalk, curb, or ramps. RAM will also install any “Dead End” barricades and update street or directional signage as needed.

We are very familiar with HOAs (Home Owners Associations). We have completed several projects for HOAs, including Amenity Center repairs, road repairs and driveway repairs — both asphalt and concrete. We have also done several pavement marking and signage projects for HOAs in our community. Additionally, we know that budgets are important…so we will work with your budgets to give you the most value for your asset. Call us today!