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Pavement Striping

Pavement markings help control vehicle and pedestrian traffic, while also ensuring maximized parking for your tenants, customers, and employees. Arrows, crosswalks, stenciling, and other markings, combined with parking stalls, create an efficient parking lot and roadway for your property. Custom stencils are a great way to enhance your brand. ADA Compliance requires access to your property and compliance with regulations (Federal, state, and municipal). ADA compliance through pavement markings and signage not only ensures avoiding fines and penalties but also allows easy access to your property.

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Repainting your parking lot makes your property look newer and well-maintained. Striping and painting enhances your curb appeal, which adds to your customer or tenant satisfaction. This is truly the finishing touch, and is an essential and inexpensive way to maintain the value of your property. RAM Pavement is proud to be the most detailed team in the Carolinas. Our proven process captures details with the “Last 5%.”