Project Description

Crack Sealing

Cracks in your pavement allow moisture penetration from rain, snow, salt, and ice which erode the base of your parking lot. As these harmful substances penetrate into the subbase of the pavement, the cracks widen and eventually cause potholes. Unrepaired potholes will chip away and become more severe pavement issues. This exposes you to serious liability as potholes are trip hazards to tenants, customers, and employees. Crack sealing is truly the first-line of defense against the degradation and eventual failure of the pavement. Sealing these gaps effectively stops the seepage of harmful substances and prolongs the life of your pavement investment.

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RAM Pavement provides crack sealing for thousands of facilities across North and South Carolina. Your paved asset is extremely important to us and we follow rigid standards for applying crack sealant to your asphalt. If you are considering crack sealant, you may also want to have a RAM Pavement team member discuss Liquid Road Treatments (link) or Seal Coating (link) with you as well.

  1. We clean all cracks with pressurized air or blowers.
  2. We remove any vegetation and other impediments to crack sealing are cleared with a grazing wheel.
  3. All cracks ¼’’ or greater are sealed using hot-applied rubberized joint sealant that exceeds Federal specifications. A light aggregate material or soapy material is finally added to the hot rubber to improve the drivability of the material with car tires and foot traffic.