Project Description

Concrete Repairs


Concrete is the material of choice for most dumpster pads, loading docks, drive-thrus, ADA Ramps, and walkways because the material has a greater capacity to bear loads as well as providing a smooth, rigid edge. RAM Pavement performs many types of repairs to concrete, including reinforcing steel, strengthening of concrete material, or installing a new slope, installing a new concrete pad, or installing new concrete finish.

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Our Charlotte based experts in pavement and concrete can address your business or retail concrete needs be following our process for concrete repairs.

  1. The broken, failed, or liability areas are identified as concerns that should be addressed.
  2. The areas are cut square with a sawblade and excavated to the necessary depth. (larger areas require a milling machine)
  3. Concrete is installed at an average compact depth of 4’’ to 6’’ – and in some cases 12’’ or more.
  4. Control joints are installed either while the finishing the concrete or sawcut later after the concrete has cured