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Pavement Striping

Pavement Striping

Pavement striping and marking are essential for any roadway or parking lot. To control traffic, prevent accidents, keep your pedestrians safe and maintain ADA standards, your paved surfaces should be clearly marked to meet U.S., North Carolina and Charlotte safety standards.

The pavement around your business is one of your biggest corporate assets. Smooth, sealed surfaces with crisp markings enhance your property and lease values, customer experience and safety. RAM Pavement can provide professional striping and marking to regulate traffic flow, indicate handicap access, and make efficient use of your roadway and parking areas.

Get Maximum Durability and Strength with Thermoplastic Markings

For high-traffic areas, we recommend Thermoplastic Markings . These highly durable markings are easy to apply and quick to dry, so you don’t need to shut down traffic or wait for ideal weather conditions. They are perfect for high-traffic roads, large parking lots and airport runways. 

  • 10+ years on parking lot surfaces
  • 12 years on secondary roads 
  • 5 years on busy highways

Protect Your Investment 

With our 3P (Preservation Through Proactive Prevention) maintenance program, we partner with you to extend the lifespan of your paved assets so you can reduce your total cost of ownership.

At RAM Pavement, we take care of every aspect of paving construction and maintenance. And we finish the job on time and on budget. 

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Parking Lots

Maximize the parking in your commercial, retail and municipal parking lots with professionally applied striping. Crisp striping provides clear direction to control traffic, ensure access and protect pedestrians.

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Commercial parking structures can be very complex to navigate. Expertly applied pavement striping and signage communicate the information that vehicles and pedestrians need to access  and use your property safely, minimizing your liability.

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Private and commercial airports are busy intersections of commerce and transportation. High-quality, visible pavement markings are essential for traffic flow and safety. The lives of airline employees, airport personnel and the general public depend on them. So does your liability.

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