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Parking Decks

Parking Decks

Commercial parking structures can be very complex to navigate. Expertly applied pavement striping and signage communicate the information that vehicles and pedestrians need to access  and use your property safely, minimizing your liability. 

Satisfy Parking Deck Regulations and Building Codes

Strict federal, state and municipal regulations and building codes must be satisfied for these open-air parking structures. Pavement markings are key to ensuring safe traffic flow. With interconnected, continuous ramps, driving and parking aisles, and pedestrian walkways, you want to trust that your pavement striping and signage is handled by experienced professionals who know how to do it right. 

Get Optimal Return on Investment

At RAM Pavement, we have the expertise to get your parking deck striped accurately and cost-efficiently. With longevity of your investment and liability in mind, you can have confidence that we: 

  • Use high-quality materials for maximum visibility and durability
  • Apply them correctly to hold up over time in high-traffic parking structures
  • Meet ADA-compliance standards for parking stalls and building access
  • Keep vehicle traffic flowing seamlessly through driving aisles to prevent accidents 
  • Segregate pedestrian traffic safely with striping and stenciling
  • Clearly designate pedestrian crosswalks, walkways and access to elevators
  • Improve the appearance and value of your property

Create Intuitive User Experience and Ease of Access

RAM’s pavement striping directs the vehicles entering, exiting and parking in your garage. We can help you get pedestrians safely to and from their parked cars and your elevators towers so they can access your adjacent property. With clearly-marked parking spaces, pedestrian crosswalks, walkways, elevator access and non-parking areas, your visitors and employees know how to enter and exit your property, intuitively. 

At RAM Pavement, we make sure that your entire job is complete, including the last 5%. It’s our commitment to you that we’ll clean up the cones and tape, sweep gutters and curbs, and communicate the job status and completion to all of your stakeholders. 

If you want the high quality and cost-effective pavement striping for your parking deck, contact RAM Pavement, the Carolina’s #1 choice for paved asset management at (704) 622-1300 or use this convenient form on our website.

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