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Get Your Paving Or Sealcoating Work Done Now Before Temperatures Fall!

Staff | 08/27/2019

Like anything else, completing asphalt and pavement jobs is a process. They are both affected by the cold weather, which is why we’re encouraging clients to get their projects done now before the cold season kicks in. Whether it is paving, asphalt repairs or even sealcoating, applying materials to your driveway, road or parking lot during the cold season will have an impact on the dry and cure process. Our team here at RAM Pavement has put together this article to help our clients understand why now is the best time to get their asphalt and pavement jobs completed. 


Meet Rob Miller, Founder And President Of RAM Pavement


Rob completed a four-year degree in Computer Information Systems at Appalachian State University and had initially planned to be a Software Developer in Phoenix, but as it turns out, the universe had something different in store for him. Before starting up RAM Pavement in 2014, Rob worked extensively in the construction industry where he was involved in commercial remodeling and asphalt work. As you can guess, he became very familiar with it and understanding the processes and procedures came naturally to him. He enjoyed the relationships he made with each client, providing value for the client’s property, whether it was through remodeling or doing their pavement projects. In November 2003, after the business shut down, Rob saw a great opportunity to start something of his own. He was already passionate about the work he did and the type of industry he was in and so RAM Pavement was the perfect start-up to venture into.


RAM Pavement Commercial Featured During Super Bowl

Staff | 02/01/2018

RAM Pavement President, Rob Miller discusses the importance of quality on the job at every paving site to protect the long term health of your investment as a property owner or manager.


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