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RAM Results: Effective Communication Training

Staff | 11/02/2020

We have always placed great emphasis on excellent communication and for the last 5 years, we have partnered with Peter McRae to make communication and leadership training accessible to our team members. Working intimately with leaders and team members in our various departments, Peter provides our team with the tools, exercises and counseling needed to develop communication skills that bring out the best in themselves – and in others.


We’re Hiring!

Staff | 09/08/2020

While our company has seen tremendous growth in the past ten years, our turnover rate has remained much lower than the industry standard. We are proud of that and believe it’s a testament to how we treat our personnel as human beings, not manageable assets. 


The 12 Behaviors Of RAM Pavement

Staff | 08/12/2020

With our core values in mind, we have outlined 12 behaviors that make our team exemplary.

Here are the 12 behaviors that all RAM Employees uphold


There Is Still A Future To Plan For!

Staff | 04/30/2020

The novel Coronavirus has undoubtedly brought many sectors of America’s economy to a government mandated halt and the order for non-essential workers and citizens to stay at home. However, for some industries, the work is still going on albeit at a slower pace and maybe lesser volume. Construction and infrastructure work, which includes paving, have been deemed essential in all but two states and there has been a lot of footage in the media that shows roads being repaved, heavy equipment operating on highways and bridges being repaired. Since traffic volumes are low, some states are allowing work scheduled for nighttime to be done during the day. This results in projects being completed much faster.


Standing With 65,000 Others To Reopen NC

Staff | 04/23/2020

The ‘Reopen NC Movement’ on Facebook has almost 65,000 members who are all petitioning to have the state reopened for businesses no later than April 29th. Governor Cooper’s stay at home order was very proactive in the beginning and we believe it did the job to help flatten the curve of the impact the Coronavirus could’ve had in North Carolina. However, we believe it is time to be proactive about ensuring the vitality of the state’s economy. If things continue to go the way that they are, we can risk losing every small business in North Carolina.


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