Merry Christmas from RAM Pavement!

This year has been incredibly good to the RAM pavement team. We celebrated 15 years in business, successfully executed the goals set at the beginning of the year and we started the process of launching a new division! The holiday season brings with it many ways to spread joy and offers the opportunity for reflection.

 The festivities at RAM Pavement begins with the setting up of the offices’ christmas tree, right after thanksgiving. On December 23rd, our office will join to celebrate a year of hard work at our annual Christmas staff party. Here our president and visionary, Rob Miller will give a speech that outlines the upcoming goals for the new year and highlight the successes we’ve all achieved throughout the current year.

We truly value and appreciate the hard work of our employees. We know that every milestone we cross is a reflection of their dedication to getting the job done right. We enjoy one last hoorah for everyone who snagged the employee of the month title before the employee of the year is announced. Awards are also given to anyone who has celebrated special benchmarks of employment at RAM. We’re all about forming real relationships with our vendors so we always extend the invitation for them to join us in our Christmas celebration. And to wrap up the day’s event, we share a delicious holiday meal together! 

Our biggest achievement this year was our ability to create and stay committed to the mindset of getting the job done right the first time. At the start of the year, we set the goal of reducing go-backs (re-works) and we are proud to say that we have hit this benchmark! It was a major improvement compared to last year! It was really special to see everyone pulling together and making it their priority to do the job until the end. Emphasis was placed on the last 5% of every job because that last bit ensures that the job was done right.

Going into the new year, we are focusing on a bigger future and we have every faith in our team to make that vision come through in 2020. We are a unit that supports each other and with that kind of energy and motivation, you feel as if the sky’s the limit so RAM pavement has nowhere to go but up!

(Pictures from our Christmas staff party 2020)

Merry Christmas everybody!

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