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Meet Our Production Manager- Tom Polito

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Meet Our Production Manager- Tom Polito

The RAM team is composed of experienced, dedicated, and hard-working people. Tom Polito is no different. He joined us in 2019 and has brought 40 years of paving industry experience with him. His role as our Production Manager has been nothing short of fantastic and he would tell you that no two working days are the same. 

Tom started his career as a laborer in a municipality in Pennsylvania. By listening and learning, he worked his way up the ranks. Over the years he has honed his leadership skills through trial and error. He has learned that it works best for everyone when there is an honest and open work culture. His team would describe him as straightforward, very hands-on, and having a great sense of humor. His experience also allows him to be very relatable.

“I expect my team to always be honest and say things as they are, which truly allows us to find solutions to issues as a team. I am always ready to roll my sleeves up and assist when needed. I’ve done these jobs before and I believe that my team respects that I have been in their shoes.” – Tom

A typical day at the office starts with the first hour being very busy. Everyone goes over their schedules and is made aware of their tasks. Tom usually pays visits to worksites to ensure all is well, then heads back to the office to prepare for the next day. Tom and his team treat every project with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication, which is shown in the high-quality work produced. Management at RAM knows that in order to get the best out of your team, you must invest them. 

“Our organization is incredibly people-oriented. There is great respect and appreciation for every single employee. This is one of the reasons I love working here.” – Tom 

So what is Tom up to when he’s not working?

Tom and his wife Helen, are a couple who takes their fitness very seriously. He usually spends his free time at the YMCA (where Helen is an instructor) or running. He tries to run a 5K at least once a month and one of his goals this year is to run a 10k/6miles in Charlotte! Along with their dog Jasper, an Australian Shepard, they all love being outside. As a very laid back, private couple, they also enjoy trying out new foods so they can often be seen taking walks to restaurants in Charlotte. 

Fun fact: Tom is a really good carpenter and has built his own house!

Tom is proud of how much he has accomplished in his career as he had never envisioned that he would be where he is today from where he started. Over the time he has been with us, he has shown great strength, loyalty and has been an amazing team player and team leader. At RAM Pavement, we give everyone an opportunity to use their unique abilities and we’re thankful to have Tom as such an integral part of our great team. Our people and process make the difference for our clients and we’re extremely proud to be The Carolinas #1 choice for Paved Asset Management!

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