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Making It All Work Behind The Scenes

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Making It All Work Behind The Scenes

imgRAM Pavement is proud to introduce our Mechanics Team. These three people keep all of our heavy equipment running smoothly, ensuring that the paving projects on your property are done right and on time. 

Meet Our Team

Our mechanics work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that all of our heavy equipment is properly maintained and ready for the jobsite. 

Brent Flewelling - Our head mechanic is Brent Flewelling, who has been with our company for ten years. He’s in charge of our shop and keeping all of our vehicles and heavy machinery in top working order. Brent is the first to go out into the field when something needs fixing. Whether it’s a flat tire or the hydraulic line on a paver or milling machine, Brent arrives on the jobsite, diagnoses the issue and fixes it in real-time. His expertise and quick response time allows us to meet your paving needs and deadlines.  

Josh Nance - Josh, who is only 20 years old, has been a RAM mechanic for the last 90 days and is already making a positive impact. Josh grew up around stock cars and has always been passionate about engines and vehicles. His job responsibilities at RAM include preventative maintenance, including oil changes, tire changes and small welding jobs. He makes sure that all our equipment is up to code and working properly. 

Bart Christano - Bart Christano joined the RAM Mechanics Team recently. Bart is a veteran of the Marine Corps, where he served as a mechanic for four years. He certainly knows his way around heavy equipment. At RAM, he keeps our concrete and asphalt paving machinery up and running, performing essential preventative maintenance tasks. We are fortunate to have someone with his expertise on the team.

“Our Mechanics Team is small but mighty. They are the backbone of our business. They maintain our equipment and keep it running smoothly so we can complete our jobs accurately and on schedule. If there’s a problem on a jobsite, our team responds immediately with the right equipment and tools to get the job back on track. And, at RAM we’re really proactive, making sure that we invest in new equipment and replace it when needed.” - Rob Miller, President, RAM Pavement 

The Mechanics Team at RAM enables our production teams to fulfill your paving needs with top-quality workmanship. Together, our internal teams make sure that the paving projects on your property are done right and on time. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule your next job. 

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