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It’s Always The Right Time For Concrete Repair

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It’s Always The Right Time For Concrete Repair

Since 2004, RAM Pavement has developed a proven process for concrete repairs. Concrete is the material of choice for certain paved assets because it can bear heavy loads. We are dedicated to parking lot construction and maintenance to prolong the life of your pavement.

Our Process

  • Any broken, failed, or liability areas are identified as concerns that should be addressed. 
  • These areas are cut square with a saw blade and excavated to the necessary depth. Larger areas require a milling machine.
  • Concrete is installed at an average compact depth of 4’’ to 6’’–and in some cases 12’’ or more.
  • Control joints are installed either while finishing the concrete or sawcut later after the concrete has cured.

Flat Work/Sidewalks/ Dumpster Pads 

Flat concrete applications are essential in retail, commercial and industrial projects. The durability of the material makes concrete ideal for the construction of many features on your properties. Like any paving material, it requires repair and maintenance over time for safety and property value. RAM Pavement has been pouring, finishing, restoring and maintaining flat concrete surfaces throughout the Carolinas for the last 18 years.

ADA Compliance 

In order to achieve and maintain ADA and HC compliance, you must satisfy federal and state regulations and guidelines for your paved assets. Access requires that surfaces be installed properly and maintained regularly to make sure that all deficiencies are resolved on an ongoing basis. 

All paved surfaces, markings and signage must meet ADA/HC standards. Your parking spaces, walkways and ramps must be clearly marked, correctly finished and free of defects to ensure safe access. You want to take care of issues before they can become a threat to safety and ADA compliance. 

RAM Pavement has the expertise to construct and maintain your concrete surfaces so they last. We can help you save money and maintain compliance, proactively.

Curbs and Gutters 

When concrete curbs and gutters are professionally installed and maintained, they protect your paved assets, landscaping and buildings. When they are damaged, small issues can become big risks over time. You want to get ahead of those liabilities. 

Curbing prevents vehicle damage and enhances the aesthetics of your property. Together, concrete curbs and gutters control the flow of water on your property. When gutters are properly constructed and finished, they direct water through your drainage system, preventing penetration and deterioration of your paved assets and buildings.

Take care of your concrete and it will take care of your property. When it’s maintained properly, concrete will enhance the value of your property, reduce liabilities and provide ADA compliance. That’s why maintenance is needed year-round. At RAM Pavement, we can help you preserve your assets and save money long-term. 

Reach out to us on our website or call us at (704) 622-1300 to receive a free estimate.

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