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Increase Your ROI With Technology-driven Paved Asset Management

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Increase Your ROI With Technology-driven Paved Asset Management

Technological advances over the last decade have revolutionized the paving industry. At RAM Pavement, strategic investments in equipment and technology have helped us improve efficiency, eliminate mistakes and increase ROI for our clients.

“At RAM Pavement, our constant innovations in technology and upgraded equipment have made us more efficient year after year.  In doing so, we can do things in 1/3 less time than our competition, which helps to provide tremendous savings to our clients.” - Rob Miller, President, RAM Pavement

Our Backend Efficiency Reduces Your Costs

At RAM, we’ve made our entire scheduling and work order system digital. This saves hours of time per week and reduces paper. As a result we are able to provide services with less overhead/labor and material costs year after year.  These savings are passed on to you.

“ We put in a lot of time and money into the technology to make our backend so efficient so that the end result our customers see is flawless scheduling, flawless estimating and things running really efficiently.” - Jason Blackwood, Business Development, RAM Pavement

Accurate Scopes and Estimates 

We use drones to take overhead shots of the projects we will be working on and mark those up. During your site visit, our staff in the field uses iPads and a variety of software tools to take accurate measurements. All of our work, before, during and after your job is documented and reported when your project is complete. 

Efficiency On the Job Site

At RAM Pavement, our equipment is continually updated and upgraded, which helps to prevent breakdowns. This investment allows our jobs to run smoothly, without interruptions and on time. The thorough documentation in our estimating software enables the person who is managing your job to see every aspect, providing checks and balances to prevent anything from going wrong, up to and including The Last 5%. 

Technology-driven Paved Asset Management 

It’s in your best interest to extend the life of your paved asset, and it is in our best interest to extend the life of our partnership. RAM Pavement has a proprietary cloud-based management portal to keep track of every action taken on your property by our teams. In fact, upon completion of any work our team does for you, we provide a maintenance plan complete with projected dates and projected costs. 

At RAM Pavement, our investment in technology and equipment impacts your bottom line. Our efficiency results in greater ROI for you on your paved assets now and long-term. Contact us to learn more.

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