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Increase Your ROI With Planned Pavement Maintenance

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Increase Your ROI With Planned Pavement Maintenance

The one big thing you should know is: maintaining your paved assets is important for your property value and the safety of your patrons. To plan strategically, you need predictable costs to preserve your pavement long-term.

Why regular asphalt and concrete maintenance is so important

When one of our pavement experts walks your property with you at critical times throughout the year, any emerging issues can be identified and addressed before they become major problems.  Minor cracking may seem harmless, but it can quickly spread and cause extensive damage to both the surface and subbase if not repaired. Cracks allow water to penetrate into the deeper layers of your pavement. During the winter freeze-and-thaw cycle, these problems get exacerbated. As the water expands and contracts, it impacts your pavement’s structural integrity. The cost of replacing concrete or asphalt is significantly higher than the cost of routine patching, crack sealing and sealcoating maintenance. 

Pavement maintenance enhances curb appeal and property values

Customer acquisition and retention is the goal. Curb appeal plays an important role. It’s achieved with regular pavement maintenance procedures, such as: sealcoating, milling and overlay, crack and pothole filling and sealcoating. A new sealcoat, applied to your asphalt each year protects the surface from fading and sun damage. It also refreshes the appearance of your  pavement, attracting patrons and satisfying tenants. This enhances your lease and property values, while reducing liabilities. 

Maintain the safety of your paved assets

Maintaining your parking lots, sidewalks, and other infrastructure enhances the overall safety and security of your property. When people come to your site, potholes and other damage present risks for both pedestrians and vehicles, and prevent ADA access. In order to safeguard your guests and reduce your exposure to needless litigation, it is essential to make sure that your pavement is in excellent condition and that your parking-lot markings are well defined and painted.

Watch this video to learn more about our Proven Process. 

With an emphasis on great communication, cost-effectiveness and timely execution, RAM offers proactive management of paved assets in the Carolinas. Our P3 maintenance program focuses on preserving and improving the lifecycle of your paved assets to cut your total cost of ownership. Take advantage of our expertise - it's time to get proactive about protecting one of the biggest investments on your property. Contact us today to schedule your site visit.. 


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