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How Important Is Parking Lot Striping For Commercial Property?

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How Important Is Parking Lot Striping For Commercial Property?

Commercial parking lots are important assets. When they are sealed and striped properly, they enhance your property value and lease values, and reduce liability. 

Striping Provides Safety and Efficiency 

Maximize the parking, traffic flow and safety in your commercial parking lots.  Clear, professional striping keeps your customers, tenants and employees safe with clearly defined traffic lanes, curbing, parking areas, pedestrian walkways and ADA-designated areas. Crisp striping provides clear direction to control traffic, ensure access and protect pedestrians. RAM Pavement can help you meet federal, state and local striping regulations, and increase the efficiency of your parking lots.


Thermoplastic Markings Offer Maximum Durability and Visibility                                          

For your high-traffic assets-roadways, parking lots and parking decks, Thermoplastic markings provide the greatest durability and visibility. They enhance safety and reduce your costs over time. Thermoplastic is a heavy-duty pavement marking material. Composed of glass beads, pigments, binders and fillers, the mixture is combined, heated and applied as a liquid. This process results in a material that is exceptionally strong and durable. Together, the reflective properties of the glass beads and pigments provide optimal visibility at night. 

  • Minimal Business Disruption: Thermoplastic markings offer flexibility and ease of use, which means less disruption and downtime for your businesses. These liquid markings can be applied on wet surfaces and in cold weather conditions. They dry quickly, so there is no need to shut down revenue-generating traffic on your property.  
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: The highly effective and durable nature of Thermoplastic markings provide considerable savings on long-term maintenance costs. You can expect them to last far longer than other marking applications
  • 5 years on busy highways
  • 10 + years for parking lots and similar use
  • Up to 12 years on secondary roads

At RAM Pavement, we’re experts in Thermoplastic applications. Our dedicated Thermoplastic Road Marking Division has completed numerous projects for the city of Charlotte and businesses across the Carolinas. We highly recommend these durable markings on high-traffic paved assets for their extraordinary quality, long-term performance and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize the safety and efficiency of your commercial, retail and municipal parking lots with professionally applied striping. Contact RAM Pavement when you’re ready to enhance your property value and curb appeal. 


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