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Residential Property Managers have so many responsibilities for the condominium and single family communities they serve. Tasks that require attention include the proactive care and maintenance of paved assets to enhance property value and the satisfaction of your residents.

The appearance of your paved surfaces creates a perception of the value and desirability of your property. In addition to curb appeal, the safety of residents and visitors depends upon the condition of these surfaces.

It’s the repair and regular maintenance of your concrete and asphalt surfaces that protect the integrity of your paved assets. Small, preventative measures can prevent major damage from water intrusion.

You can protect your investment with RAM Pavement’s P3 maintenance program for your roadways, parking lots and concrete surfaces. We have the technology, equipment and staff to enhance the longevity and cost-effectiveness of any paving project. 

When you use RAM Pavement, you can be sure that your entire job is complete, including the last 5%. We guarantee that your site will be left clean and safe, and the entire scope of work will be done.

We partner with you to manage your paved assets, keep your residents happy and maximize your property value. 

Contact us for a free site evaluation and estimate. Learn about our P3 (Preservation, Proactive, Prevention) maintenance program. See a portfolio of our projects.

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