Happy New Year! RAM Pavement keeps on paving the way for a successful 2021

We’re counting our blessings and wishing you all a healthy and successful New Year. What’s in store for 2021?

We made it! At RAM Pavement we’re counting our blessings and wishing you all a healthy and successful New Year. We understand that a lot of people aren’t looking back at the past year with fond memories but we hope that you have a sense of renewed hope going into 2021.

There are a lot of exciting things in store for our clients and community in 2021. We’ll be adding new equipment as well as expanding our crew.  Some of you may know, we launched our Thermoplastic division last year. This long life road marking material can often be found on roadways and highways and we are proud to continue to meet this need for our clients.

Our office space and industrial clients planned ahead and saved because projects were finished faster due to reduced traffic within and around the workzone. Now that measures are being put into place for some sort of normalcy again, we look forward to picking up where we left off with our retail clients. We take pride in our low rework rate, which is a result of our commitment of getting the job done right the first time. We will continue to commit to the last 5% of every job because that last bit ensures that the job was done right.

This new 365 days means 365 opportunities for us to keep on showing you how passionate we are about what we do, our community and our people. Thank you all so much for coming along for this ride. Happy New Year!


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