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Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

RAM Pavement can take care of every aspect of your retail or industrial site package, including concrete pads, ADA ramps, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, drive-throughs and loading docks. Concrete is the material of choice for these paved assets because it can bear heavy loads and provide a smooth, rigid edge.  

We are dedicated to parking lot construction and maintenance to prolong the life of your concrete assets, including: resurfacing; reinforcing with steel; strengthening concrete material; installing and adjusting slopes; pouring ramps, curbs and concrete pads; smoothing; leveling and finishing. 

Since 2004, we have developed a proven process for concrete repairs. 

  • Any broken, failed, or liability areas are identified as concerns that should be addressed. 
  • These areas are cut square with a saw blade and excavated to the necessary depth. Larger areas require a milling machine.
  • Concrete is installed at an average compact depth of 4’’ to 6’’–and in some cases 12’’ or more.
  • Control joints are installed either while finishing the concrete or sawcut later after the concrete has cured.

Concrete maintenance is important to retain the value of your property, remain  ADA-compliant and reduce liability. At RAM Pavement, we can help you preserve your assets and save money long-term. 

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Flat Work / Sidewalk / Dumpster Pads

Flat concrete applications are essential in retail, commercial and industrial projects; real estate complexes; medical, educational and municipal institutions. Proper installation, repair and maintenance is key for safety and the value of your assets.

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To achieve and maintain ADA and HC compliance, you must satisfy federal and state regulations and guidelines for your paved assets. Access requires that surfaces be installed properly and maintained regularly to ensure that deficiencies are resolved on an ongoing basis.

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Production & Repair Curb / Gutter Installation

When concrete curbs and gutters are professionally installed and maintained, they protect your paved assets, landscaping and buildings. When they are damaged, small issues can become big risks over time. Get ahead of those liabilities. 

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