Thermoplastic Markings 101

From crosswalks to loading zones to parking lots, striping and markings surround us everyday and are an important part of any paving job. For business owners and property managers, maintaining their paved assets is not only for the aesthetics, but more importantly for the safety of everyone who uses it. [...]

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A Devoted Father, Grandfather And Visionary

When RAM Pavement CEO, Rob Miller was growing up in Charlotte, NC, his father, Henry, was a commodities broker. Henry was very successful, driven and entrepreneurial in spirit. Young Rob was watching his dad’s example very closely as he worked hard to provide a good life for their family.   In [...]

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Meet Our Production Manager- Tom Polito

The RAM team is composed of experienced, dedicated, and hard-working people. Tom Polito is no different. He joined us in 2019 and has brought 40 years of paving industry experience with him. His role as our Production Manager has been nothing short of fantastic and he would tell you that [...]

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Meet Dawn Oldenbuttel – Controller

Antique Collector, Wife, And Mom To Her Fur Babies, Keep On Reading To Learn More About Our Controller, Dawn Oldenbuttel. Dawn Oldenbuttel joined the RAM team in May of 2017 after seeing a vision poster on LinkedIn that sparked her desire to be challenged. She felt confident because a lot [...]

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RAM Results: Effective Communication Training

We have always placed great emphasis on excellent communication and for the last 5 years, we have partnered with Peter McRae to make communication and leadership training accessible to our team members. Working intimately with leaders and team members in our various departments, Peter provides our team with the tools, [...]

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