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Bollards & Delineators

Bollards & Delineators

Control traffic flow on your roadways and parking lots with bollards and delineators to protect pedestrians, drivers and your buildings. These barriers help you keep your visitors safe and your tenants happy. 


For safety and security, bollards are installed to segregate and control traffic flow on parking lots, roadways, commercial and industrial areas. These vertical barriers allow you to stop moving vehicles, preventing accidental or intentional damage to your storefronts and buildings.

If bollards are right for your property, our team will install them for you. Steel bollards are typically 4 or 6 inches wide. We set and fill them in concrete and paint them “safety yellow.” We typically install each bollard three feet below the surface and they extend another four feet above the ground. If desired, we can add long-lasting plastic covers to prevent vehicle damage. 


Like bollards, delineators are used to control traffic flow. Rather than blocking vehicles, delineators warn drivers of traffic patterns and roadway configurations to prevent accidents from happening. In parking lots, these vertical barriers are commonly used to segregate and protect pedestrians and building facades from vehicle traffic. Flexible when struck, delineators are not installed beneath the paved surface.

RAM Pavement can meet all of your paving, traffic flow, signage and accessory needs. We can make sure that your assets and pedestrians are protected. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate at (704) 622-1300  or use this convenient form on our website.

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