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Behind Every Successful Person, There’s A Woman Called Mom

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Behind Every Successful Person, There’s A Woman Called Mom

Kristin Boyd is the proud mother of 4 children. Rob, Paige, Nicholas, and Richard. Rob Miller, RAM Pavement’s founder, was the eldest in the bunch. Though she is extremely proud of the success Rob has achieved as an entrepreneur, she has always seen it coming. In a recent interview, she fondly remembers Rob starting his own business at the age of 14 and she watched as he expanded it as he got older. 

“Rob started out very humbly. He did it all on his own. That’s what I find the most commendable” – Kristin Boyd.

As the big brother, Rob has always been responsible, dependable, loving, and kind. He balanced all of this, however, with being the prankster in the family. Here are 2 hilarious stories Kristin shared with us about Rob pranking her.

“Rob always loved to do little pranks around the house. One time, me and all the kids went up to Beech Mountain for a little getaway. Let me just say that I’m really scared of snakes so when we got to the cabin and everybody was putting away their clothes, I opened a drawer and to my horror, I saw a huge snake in one of the drawers. Come to find out, Rob had placed a very realistic-looking fake snake in my drawer. I definitely chased him around the living room for almost giving me a heart attack”

“Rob played the saxophone in the marching band and he would sometimes practice at home. He was practicing in the living room while I was cooking in the kitchen. I guess at some point he had the idea that it would be funny to sneak up behind me and blow his saxophone as loud as he could. The spoon I was using to stir went flying up into the air and when I turned around, there Rob was with the biggest grin on his face. His pranks always did give us something to laugh about, even if it was at each other.”

Kristin believes that motherhood is an extension of yourself and you see a lot of your traits in your children. It takes a lot of courage, hard work, and determination to be a mom but in the end, it’s always worth it. Her advice to mothers would be to ensure they take care of themselves. Keeping yourself happy and healthy is the best thing you can do for your family so take time to do the things that you enjoy.


Fun Fact!

Rob was born on Kristin’s birthday, December 16th

Though Kristin is now a retired elementary school teacher living in Lake Lure, NC, she still teaches piano lessons. Music has always been a big part of her life and she started playing the piano when she was in 2nd grade. She also has a degree in music. It was very important to her that she shared her love for music with her kids and would always play different types of music around the house or in the car.

As we acknowledge the role Kristin played in helping Rob become the man he is today, we would also like to acknowledge and thank mothers everywhere for all that they do. Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers at RAM Pavement and mothers everywhere!

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