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To achieve and maintain ADA and HC compliance, you must satisfy federal and state regulations and guidelines for your paved assets. Access requires that surfaces be installed properly and maintained regularly to make sure that deficiencies are resolved on an ongoing basis. 

All paved surfaces, markings and signage must meet ADA/HC standards. Your parking spaces, walkways and ramps must be clearly marked, correctly finished and free of defects that prevent safe access. Regular maintenance is required to take care of issues before they become safety hazards.

Save Money and Ensure Compliance

RAM Pavement has the expertise to install and maintain your concrete surfaces correctly. We partner with you to provide cost-effective management of your paved assets to ensure ADA/HC compliance. We also deliver comprehensive assessments at critical times throughout the year to proactively identify issues before they become problems.

  • Install and finish all concrete surfaces properly on your property
  • Provide pavement markings and signage to meet compliance standards
  • Remediate concrete sidewalks, curbs, ramps and truncated domes as needed

Maintain Compliance Proactively

Achieving and maintaining ADA/HC compliance is essential for your business. At RAM, we advocate Preservation through Proactive Prevention - our Rampavement Program. With an emphasis on great communication, cost effectiveness and timely execution, RAM offers proactive management of paved assets.

  1. Our team periodically examines your paved assets.
  2. A customized report is generated with actionable solutions to known issues.
  3. Continued assessments and proactive care elongate the lifecycle of your assets.

Since 2004, we have helped properties throughout the Carolinas achieve and maintain ADA/HC compliance for parking lots, facilities and buildings

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